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9 Scotts Road #12-01 Scotts Medical Center

Internationally trained physiotherapists skilled in Physiotherapy Singapore. We offer effective treatments for Back, Neck, Knee, Shoulder Pains at our clinic. 




Nutritional and herbal medicine are used to address any imbalance in the body and promote healing of acute and/or chronic conditions. Most importantly, the body’s ability to heal itself will be supported. The course of your treatment will depend on the following factors: overall state of health, age, current lifestyle choices, duration of an illness or symptoms that have been present, and the level of compliance. To meet your needs as an individual, a tailored treatment plan will be prescribed to you. Through diet and lifestyle coaching, you will be able to make long term improvements essential to maintaining good health. From your current health history, diet and lifestyle, we can also assess your risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Prevention or management of chronic diseases as well as general wellness support can be incorporated in your treatment plans. In order to minimise your risk of illness from chronic diseases, you are encouraged to be proactive with your health.

The initial consultation is usually 2 hours.

You will be asked about your current and past health conditions/medication/supplementation, family health/social history, diet and lifestyle, and emotional/environmental factors which may be affecting your health. All consultations include urinalysis (urine dipstick test to screen for renal, urinary tract, metabolic or systemic disease). To further assess your condition, you may be referred for pathology testing (certain blood/urine/stool analysis). You may also be referred to medical and/or allied health practitioners in order to achieve the most optimal health outcome. You will then be asked to return for a follow up consultation, usually in 2 weeks' time, where you will be presented with more information on your treatment plan and prescribed supplements. Follow up consultations are 45 mins for current treatment review, education and support.

Items to bring to your consultation include details of current prescribed medications and supplements, and recent medical test results (blood tests, scan results, etc.).

How much does it cost?

Initial consultation (2 hours) – $350

Return consultation (1 hour)– $180

(supplements and pathology testing will be additional charges. Charges will vary from patient to patient depending on the tests and supplements required)

So did you know that your body is a self-healing organism? That it is equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms? If that’s the case, what prevents the body from healing itself?

- Stress!                 

Our autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The SNS is responsible for the body’s stress response which we know as “fight or flight”. The PSNS on the other hand is responsible for the body’s relaxation response which we know as “rest and digest”. We say that the body is in a homeostatic equilibrium when the PSNS is activated.

Your brain can’t tell the difference between life-threatening situations and unpleasant situations/thoughts, so as far as the nervous system is concerned they all signal danger (which activates the SNS) and as far as your body is concerned they also mean stress. So how does stress prevent your body from healing itself? Stress prevents the PSNS from being activated.  Which fails to allow our body's natural self repair mechanisms to fully function.

So take initiation and be proactive with your health. Let me assist and support in helping your body achieve its full ability to self-heal.

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